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I loved the first season of AHS but I’m on the last episode of season 2 and I’m unimpressed. 

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cat people: dogs are cool too
dog people: cats don’t feel love did you know a cat once MURDERED my MOTHER

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Kitty Dreams by Cuddle_Zombie on Flickr.

Jana Miller-
"Sometimes this really seems to shock people. They appear genuinely upset when I say ‘this conversation is over’ or ‘I’m actually not interested in debating this with you.’ There’s an expectation that if you care about social justice and political issues, you’re always ‘on.’ You’re always ready to debate, you’re always ready to have theoretical discussions about your own lived experiences and the issues you care about, you’re always ready to defend yourself. That’s manifestly ridiculous and unjust, an expectation that’s simply not reasonable."

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